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Consolidating the travel industry, to serve travellers seamlessly through chat, automated by AI

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The Goal

Trabble wants to serve travellers seamlessly through chat, automated by AI
Consolidating the travel industry, to serve travellers seamlessly through chat, automated by AI


• The fundraiser will aid us in building the team, pushing for proceeds and improving the software.

• As our vision is to implement our chatbot in 20 gateway cities, we aim to develop a bot that can be easily adopted by key players in the hospitality industry.

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Founding Story

From the conception of Trabble, Ian (CEO) has been out pitching about the technology and vision. It was from a referral, where Rys (CTO) heard about the company and was interested in exploring new technology in Chatbots. Thereafter,the two decided to work together and thus Trabble was born.

Company Description

In light of rising expectations for customer service in the travel industry, there is an increasing need for the provision of quality service without incurring higher costs. Featuring a chatbot that can consolidate the entire travel industry, Trabble presents a way to serve customers better, thereby elevating guest satisfaction levels. This chatbot could potentially alleviate the workload on customer service teams, and as a result, allow for manpower optimization as well as increased operational efficiency. The 24/7 automated bot aggregates the multiple enquiry platforms (Telegram, Messenger, website, etc.) into a single back-end management portal. This would significantly reduce the need for multiple staff personnel to handle the influx of queries. Also, the bot provides instantaneous responses to all customer queries through its FAQ builder where question-answer pairs are formulated by the agents. Simulating an an actual chat conversation, the bot adds a personal touch to the entire user experience. . The bot also includes a seamless transition from enquiries to reservations, where users are able to make bookings and payments within the chat itself. Additionally, users are able to enjoy a personalised concierge service, where they receive tailored recommendations from the bot based on their preferences. By allowing users access to a comprehensive database of local knowledge and resources, the Trabble bot enhances the overall travel experience of users.

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