SUPEROOKIE is building ‘Career Path Platform’ for University Students and Graduates seeking Internship/Entry-level Positions.

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  • South Korea
  • Founded 2016

Raising $ 5,000,000




The Goal

SUPEROOKIE wants to create an innovative voice messenger to cure a social ill
Catcha is a free instant-messaging app that records and sends your voice to people you care about. With Catcha, you'll never type again.


• Catcha is a free instant messaging app that records and sends your voice to people you care about. With Catcha, you never need to type on a keyboard. All you need is your voice.

• Catcha was designed to make instant messaging faster and easier than ever before. With Catcha, you simply turn a dial to find the face of the person you need to speak to.

Founding Story

Overall unemployment rates, people aged from 19 to 30 takes more than 23%. Even if unemployment rates among university students are rising, there are no such services for them. What university students actually want is education on practical business skills and recruitment process preparation, rather than Job Postings. Therefore, SUPEROOKIE is building ‘Career Education Platform’ for Univ. Students and Graduates seeking Internship/ Entry-level Positions. Up to now, our user traffic is more than 35,000+ without any marketing expenses. Also, our partnered corporations are Amazon Korea, Loreal Korea and other 50 companies.

Company Description

Superookie is aiming to connect universities-corporate employers–
university students to make University ONLY career path platform and expand it to become a global service and provide more career opportunities to university students.

Featured Team

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John Ahn CEO

Dave Woods CIO

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