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Eidware creates Alzheimer prevention solution through voice and A.I. technology

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  • South Korea
  • Founded 2011

Raising $ 500,000




The Goal

Eidware wants to raise funds to launch Alzheimer prevention solution for pre-dementia stage patients in the US
Help us validate our solution! We're partnering up with big name hospitals in the United States to conduct clinical trials.


• 'Soundmind' - a cognitive training solution for pre-dementia stage patients (Check us out at

• Currently conducting clinical trials in Korea
- Riche Neurology Clinic & Seoul St. Mary's Hospital
- Korean Government grant of approx. USD 900,000

• Preparing clinical trials in US
- Talking with Mayo Clinic & West Los Angeles Medical Center
- Actively looking for partners/investors

Pre-money Valuation


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Current View

Company Description

Eidware has been developing ‘warm technology’ and universal design (accessible to everyone, no matter their disability or personal situation) targeting those who are in need. The company focusses on the needs of the often-marginalized and forgotten (and thus untapped) cohorts of the population. With most products and services today, as technology barrels forward, these groups of people tend to get left out and left behind. Eidware wants to solve that problem and help these people access the programs and products they deserve.

Eidware was the first company in South Korea to develop a voice-recognition engine for disabled people and commercialize the voice-recognition engine for seniors. Our other products include world-class miniature voice-recognition engines so that people without an internet connection can still use the vocal interface, a wearable that 'hears' for the deaf, and a voice engine for children to teach them to talk.

Our latest project, "Soundmind," is a cognitive rehabilitation solution for pre-dementia-stage patients. MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment), also known as pre-Alzheimer's, patients require structured and consistent brain training to prevent and delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease. We create a personalized training curriculum for them that is made accessible and easy-to-follow by our voice and A.I. technology.

Our Team:
• Daejin 'DJ' Shin, CEO
- Myongji University, BS (Neural Network)
- First Samsung Voice Recognition UI Project Team
- 18 years of Machine Learning experience

• Taeho Guak, MD, Chief Medical Officer
- The Catholic University of Korea Medical School
- Adjunct Professor, Department of Neurology
- specializes in Alzheimer Diagnosis and Care

• Suh Young 'Steven' Choi, CTO
- Boston University, BS (Biomedical Engineering)
- Boston University CAIT Researcher
- Senior Voice UX specialist

• Albert Oh, CSO
- U.C. Berkeley, BS (Mech. E. & Materials)
- Previously owner/director of educational consulting startup (Boston, MA)
- Successful exit after 5 years of conducting business

Featured Team

Name Bio Contact
Albert Oh - CSO / U.C. Berkeley, BS (Mech. E. & Materials) / Previously owner and director of educational consulting startup (Boston, MA) / Successful exit after 5 years of conducting business

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