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We are set out to become #1 FPS game developer.

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  • Founded 2017

Raising $ 1,000,000




The Goal

BlackSpot Entertainment wants to raise Series-A fund to expand the game service to become the industry leader.
We successfully launched our first title that laid the base for large scale service. To achieve our next goal, financial help is needed.


• Our first title (Line of Sight) has launched on Steam with a single goal in mind. Layout the groundwork for our large-scale service. With the limited fund, we staged our project in two steps.

• Our next step is to expand the service to the large scale, such as well known game, PUBG. We believe we are almost there but we need some extra help financially to hire more talents to produce large-scale contents.

Pre-money Valuation


Pitch Deck

Current View

Founding Story

* BlackSpot Entertainment is established on May 21st 2011 with members from Senior Technology Developement Manager at NVIDIA and many Nexon Team leaders. * Our first project Line of Sight has been selected as the Next Generation Game from KOCCA on June 2016 * Our first product has launched on Steam globally on Feb 2017 and has 1.5 million users.

Company Description

BlackSpot Entertainment is formed in May 2011 by industry leaders who produced Combat Arms®, Counter Strike Online and many others. We have experiences of servicing FPS online games over 10 different regions, and maintained the leadership for many years. We are trying to be #1 FPS online game developer again with our next generation project, LoS® (Line of Sight)

Featured Team

Name Bio Contact
Chris Kim [CEO] BS in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Chairman of Carnegie Mellon University Alumni of School of Computer Science. Senior Developer Technology Manager at NVIDIA. Jury of SIGGRAPH Asia


| Total Funding Amount: $150,000

$ 150,000 ($ 150,000) | May 2011 | Seed

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