FITT is a healthcare data platform providing total fitness solution service.

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  • Founded 2015

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The Goal

FITT wants to To be No.1 health care platform in the world.
By providing diagnosis and exercise programs custom designed to individuals, based on scientific data for all trainers around the world.


• To build optimized platform, FITT has to enhance exercise test and provide better services such as educational videos, article for both trainer&GYM and individual customers. The bigger platform we have, the more people visit and use FITT services.

• Thus, creating specialized materials for those who are interested in sports will bring more people into FITT platform. This fundraiser will help us to creat and enhance FITT materials.

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Current View

Founding Story

There are many people exercising at parks and the gym. But, at what speed and for how many minutes should I run for enhancing cardio pulmonary function, for effective diet or for improving my disease condition, nobody knows. Identically in weight training, nobody knows lifting what weight and how many times is good for my stamina level. Many trainers guide the members based on their experience, rather than specialized knowledge. Even through scientific and system program is not available in reality, 83% of the trainers answered that they endeavor to secure specialty. Systemic exercise guide is required to ordinary person, and specialized program is required to trainers. FITT provides various services to ordinary persons and trainers.

Company Description

FITT is a healthcare data platform providing total fitness solution service. The core service is three types of exercise tests: cardiorespiratory function, movement(posture) function, and muscle strength. After the tests, the users are provided with a customized exercise program regarding their physical level and health state in percentage compared to same age and
gender group in one-page report. The accumulated data from the tests results also suggest relative morbidity rate to the users for pre-preventive healthcare.

The first distributors of FITT service is personal trainers in gyms and fitness centers as it is the total fitness solution. As a healthcare data platform, our web-based service stores the
users(clients) data in web cloud and turn it into healthcare data analysis information.

In the perspective of both a total fitness solution service and a healthcare data platform, the fitness and healthcare markets are blue ocean with FITT solution. There are several fitness related software businesses providing gym management tools such as PT scheduler, and CRM program, but FITT is the only business providing exercise tests along with the management tools.

Current healthcare IT services (Google, Apple, Nike, etc) have been presenting limited user data such as activity time, distance, heartbeat rate, and calorie consumption. With FITT, users are given the information of what and how they should work-out according to their current physical level and exercise capacity in one-page report. In addition, the report shows incidence of cardiovascular disease and prevalence rate according to user’s physical and fitness level. All data from the users will be stored in cloud based FITT DB.

The FITT distributors, fitness trainers, can gain expertise and competitiveness in such keen competition of the fitness market as they provide customized and optimized exercise programs to their customers. Consequently, customers receive far better services than before.

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