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Self charging EV solution without a charger

  • Business
  • South Korea
  • Founded 1994

Raising $ 5,000,000




The Goal

PRO-POWER Co. wants to help an EV driver not to face a charging problem with a Self charging solution
PRO-POWER will develop 3kW DMFC hybrid system for self charging EV solution


• Developed the World Largest 1.5kW DMFC(Direct Methanol Fuel Cell).

• Experienced in a number of applications(scooter, forklift, UAV, Robot and telecom tower back up.

• Acquired of NET(New Excellent Technology) certificate.

• Passed the trial test for telecom tower backup by Indian largest group.

Founding Story

I thought that a lithium battery would be regarded as one of core industries in an eletronic field in the future. Accordingly, I was a first introducer of Toshiba's lithium battery to Korea. With lithium battery packaging buseiness he involved in next generation battery, fuel cell in 2003.

Company Description

Our company specializes in providing self-developed power supply solutions using technology that converts chemical energy into electricity and energy storage technology. We have manufactured a wide range of products based on the application of a secondary battery. Our current focus is on expanding the application of our lineup composed of secondary battery and fuel cells, new and renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic and wind power, and power supply solutions to hybrid systems into diverse fields such as portable, political, transport, and military purposes.

Key Values of PROM-GEN(DMFC Hybrid System)
Combining eco-friendly generator(fuel cell) and energy storage system(battery)
- Maximizing power output with hybrid system
- Very Short Startup
- Fast Load Response
- 50% fuel saving
- No harmful emission(NOX, SOX, particle)
- Higher energy density(methanol fuel)

Company Highlights
- World largest DMFC stack manufaturcer
- Acquired of NET Certificate
- Registered 42 patents
- Applied the DMFC hybrid system for UAV, Forklift, Robot, Scooter and eletric cart., ets.

Featured Team

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Byung Wook Ko Founder

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