BallReady is a smart functional pet-care product which combines an automatic feeder and a ball shooting-machine into one.

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  • Founded 2015

Raising $ 1,000,000

Donation Investment



The Goal

BALLREADY wants to raise $1 million funding for global marketing and R&D
BallReady is a product which combines both a ball shooting engine with a automatic feeder, which promotes the health and activity of dogs.


• With the collected funds I will be investing further in global marketing, in order to reach a wider set of customers and reaching my sales goals, and in R&D to further improve the product.

• The plan is to spend the money as follows ;

- Manufacturing/Development: $0.4M
- Global Marketing : $0.3M
- Design and IoT R&D for Next-Generation Model: $0.3M

Pitch Deck

Current View

Company Description

BallReady was founded in April of 2013 to be an innovative creator of unique and smart devices in the pet-care market.
In September 2015, BallReady launched the first BallReady-product in South Korea, and in the beginning of 2016 BallReady set our sights on targeting and expanding into the global market as well.
With many ideas on how to improve BallReady, we hope that it becomes one of the foremost IoT smart pet care products on the market.

Please stay tuned for what we have in store for the future.

Featured Team

Name Bio Contact
SEUNGGON PARK BallReady CEO [Research on Commercializing IoT based Smart Pet care service]; Wooyoung/IDS [Research on Localizing LCD module and process control technology]; Ssanyong Motors [Research on Automation of electric and electronic controlling technique ]


January 2016

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