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Our main service is online multiplayer mobile VR FPS Game "Colony Avengers"

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  • South Korea
  • Founded 2016

Raising $ 1,000,000




The Goal

Fake Eyes Co. wants to make high quality "Colony Avengers" which meas online multiplayer mobile VR FPS game and providing on global online VR market.
We will employ additional core engineers and graphic designers for create new Maps, Missions, Weapons, Characters, much contents.


• We plan to use it as R & D, marketing, and operation fund for the world's only FPS game "Colony Avengers" that can connect up to 8 players in mobile VR environment simultaneously.

• "Colony Avengers" uses the existing mobile infrastructure to easily access the VR environment, and does not rely on specific devices because it uses public HMDs and controllers.

• We also broadcasting VR E-Sports on various broadcast channels for promoting VR game.

Pre-money Valuation


Founding Story

**The idea** // The game should be more realistic and more immersive. However, the 3D environment viewed on a flat panel monitor is no different from the 2D environment and does not feel any more immersive. So we wanted to create a virtual world like the real world and create a game in which we could make our story. **Technology** // Techniques for creating virtual reality are very difficult. We succeeded in constructing a virtual reality using software development tool distributed by Oculus and succeeded in making the game operate in virtual reality through our own technology development. However, the devices that implement virtual reality are too expensive and difficult to use. So we started to build virtual reality using our current smartphone, which had to solve the higher technical difficulties. We succeeded in building a virtual reality on your smartphone and applied multiplayer technology that various people can enjoy together. You can use your smartphone to access virtual reality and play games with many friends. **Founded** // We have established a company to disseminate our technology and content, and we want to use our technology and content in a wider world. We will give you life in a new virtual world and you will be able to write your own story in the world we have created.

Company Description

**Main Service**
The Colony Avengers is mobile VR FPS game.
It can connect up to 8 players in mobile VR environment and can fight each others like 4 vs 4.
You become space soldier and fight for freedom for your clan.
We providing many maps, missions, weapons, contents.

**2016.09.06.** Established Fake Eyes Co., Ltd.
**2016.12.** M.O.U. on AfreecaTV Co., Ltd. and VR E-Sports Broadcasting conclusion
**2017.01.** Small Venture Company Supported by SMV (Host Organization Sungshin Women's University) M.V.P. Selected projects
**2017.03.** Myung-ji College and M.O.U. Conclusion, selection and execution of successive marketing business
**2017.05.** Broadcast "Colony Avengers" live on cable TV channel HungryAppTV Mobile Box program
**2017.06.** Participated in E3 in USA and participated in MWC Shanghai in China
**2017.07.** Provided VR game contents and partnership agreement with Techno Blood Korea, broadcasted "Colony Avengers" at Virtual World, Internet VR game broadcaster, Selected as a Smart Venture Campus by Small & Medium Venture Business Department
**2017.08.** M.O.U. on Internet VR Game Broadcaster Virtual World and VR Game Broadcast conclusion
**2017.10.** Selected as a R & D project by the Seoul Development Institute of Technology (public evaluation type, supported $30,000), Selected as an export success package by Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (Voucher Business, supported $20,000), Selected as a R & D project by the institute of Industry-academy-research cooperation business(supported $100,000)
**2017.11.** Participated in G-Star in Busan and provided new maps and missions.

Featured Team

Name Bio Contact
Mason KIM CEO of Fake Eyes Co., Ltd.


| Total Funding Amount: $1.0 million

$ 1.0 million ($ 1.0 million) | January 2018 | Series A

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