"Driving Investment Partnerships Across the World"

May 31, 2017 11:00:00 GMT+0900

1st BEGINNING Digital Showcase

A more efficient way to connect promising startups in Asia with prominent investors around the world via live-streaming.

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- 11:00AM - Pison Contents Inc - worldwide music distributor and publisher based on a digital distribution technology with the partnership of Apple Music, Spotify.
- 11:10AM - Mobidoo - Mobile authentication and payment via inaudible sound
- 11:20AM - Eazymation - Eazymation provides Data Leakage Prevention service for Enterprise File Sync & Sharing on web without any client and installation
- 11:30AM - Membersheep Company - B2B trade agency which professionally sources the products of about 500 famous global brands in U.S. and Europe and provides them.
- 11:40AM - Gwabba - Image based Quora for K-Fashion
- 11:50PM - Swizzle Global Inc. - The Feedback Interpreters for App Developers using AI & Big data
- 12:00PM - N.Thing - IoT technology based company
- 12:10PM - PiQuant - IoT Liquid Scanner that de
- 12:20PM - Dropdeck - Amazon for innovation investment
Event Date & Time
May 31, 2017 11:00:00 GMT+0900 ~
May 31, 2017 12:00:00 GMT+0900

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Featured Goals

Raising $ 1,000,000



Mobidoo offers a contactless mobile payment solution using it's Inaudible Sound Transmission technology, which sends data over sound.

South Korea | Seed
• Has captured 30% of POS market in Korea and is discussing partnership with major banks

• Has 12 B2B clients in 5 countries and fast growing sales: $58K in 2015, $142K in 2016

Raising $ 1,000,000


Membersheep Company Co. Ltd.,

Membersheep is a fast-growing B2B trade agency which sources products from 500+ global brands seeking distribution in China.

• Rapidly growing trade volume: $700K in 2015, $1.7M in 2016, $2.6M in 1Q of 2017

• Partnerships with 200+ global brands

Raising $ 1,000,000



Gwabba is an image-based Q&A platorm focusing on K-Fashion, where people can post pictures of clothes and get help finding them.

South Korea
• In good position to capitalize on growing Southeast Asian demand for K-fashion

Raising $ 1,000,000



Nthing is the operator of Nongshin, a mobile platform for farmers and farming equipment companies.

South Korea | Seed
• Started generating revenue from Nongshin membership and looking to raise $1M for Planty Square via crowdfunding

• Received government-approved IP for IOT-based cultivation methods for functional crops

• Will be the first company to set up a vertical farm within central Seoul

Raising $ 1,000,000


Swizzle Global Inc.

Swizzle helps mobile businesses extract actionable business insights from app store reviews using advanced AI and big data technology.

United States
• Official partner of IBM Watson

• Strong dev team composed of data scientists and AI experts

Lead By

Raising $ 10,000,000


PiQuant Co., Ltd

PiQuant is the developer of a spectroscopy-based IoT healthcare device that can detect/measure/analyze molecular level particles.

South Korea | Series A
• Selected 'Most Innovative Company' by Seedstars, won 1st Prize at TNW Europe and made Top 10 at Tencent's Global Startup Competition

• Receiving proposals from several large hospitals in Korea seeking technology transfer/partnership

Raising $ 100,000



DropDeck is an AI-powered platform that uses machine learning and blockchain technology to connect investors and innovators.

• Passed 1st round of IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, connected with world class AI mentors

• Won 1st prize of Enigma blockchain contest, connected with blockchain experts

• Singaporean angels have pledged $50,000 out of $100,000

Raising $ 2,000,000


Pison Contents Inc

For globalization

South Korea | Seed
• Reached profitability in 2016

• Launching Firstrack, a singer-songwriter accelerator powered by MusicSpray's self-producing and music monetization platform

Raising $ 300,000



Eazymation is the developer of Clouvir, a data leakage prevention service for enterprise file sync & sharing on the web.

South Korea
• Prototype done, launch planned for Dec 2017

• Testing integration with university course management tools and home trading systems