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Nov 15, 2017 09:00:00 GMT+0900

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Smart Cities Startup Showcase |

Organized by: beSUCCESS |

Smart Cities Startup Showcase which provides the opportunity for Smart Cities focused startups to pitch and interact with community

Event Date & Time
Nov 15, 2017 09:00:00 GMT+0900 ~
Nov 15, 2017 18:00:00 GMT+0900

Registration Deadline
Oct 15, 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0900
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Join the global community of city leaders, technology and solution providers, investors and innovators who are working together on the next generation of Smart City solutions. There is an enormous global opportunity for startups to bring new technologies and solutions to cities and help solve major civic challenges such as transportation, health, energy and pollution. Unfortunately, there are often bureaucratic process and policies that get in the way of startups meeting and engaging with key city officials or influencers in order to gain traction. For example. those are the startups that we are looking for. 1. swarm heat resistant micro bots that can dig through the ground, crunch materials, 3d print structures in real time. these micro bots should be able to combine w/ each other and become as big or as small as necessary for the building process, should be able to self-print itself at strength exceeding steel 2. full immersive VR pods and software interfaces people can use to design cities, bridges, buildings, or building modules prior to printing them w/ all the geographical data 3. biomaterial generator for indoor food production or for 3d printing food from base materials, that can induce cell multiplication in massive scales, starting from water to base ingredients intake people need -- taking in any waste material and separate them apart into reusable materials so we'll have clean air, clean water, and modulator to ensure ample supply for sustaining cell multiplication process. these are for space age transition This Smart Cities Startup Showcase provides the opportunity for startups creating smart cities tech solutions to pitch and interact with an esteemed panel of judges, including venture capitalists, city officials, business executives and thought leaders. The top submissions will do a 7-minute pitch followed by a 7-minute Q&A session with the judges Submission into the Smart Cities Startup Showcase is Free, but is specifically intended for startups who are still in the seed/angel funding or bootstrapped stage (i.e. have not raised a Series A round of investment). **Prize (Judged by blockchain based Voting system)** - First Prize : 1,000 Gold Coins - Second Prize : 500 Gold Coins **Topics Include:** - Energy Solutions - Transportation - Sensor Networks - ICT Networks - Cyber Security - Buildings & Efficiency - Urban Planning - Islands/Isolated Communities - Water Management - Waste Management - Weather Solutions - Gov/Civic Services - Emergency Services - Healthcare Solutions - Environmental Solutions - Finance Solutions - Education Solutions - Tools & Platforms - Data Analytics/Science **Policy, technology and resource management leaders will include as potential judges:** - Mayors - Council Members - Sustainability Officers - Chief Information Officers - Environmental Engineers - Chief Technology Officers - IT Architects - Water and Energy Managers - Waste Managers - Utility Operators - Urban Designers - Emergency Responders - Transportation Managers - Public Works Managers