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Bluepoint Partners (Seed, South Korea) |

Event Topic: Investment Deal Sourcing
Main Language: English

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Bluepoint Partners (http://bluepoint-partners.com/en/) focuses on investing and accelerating early stage startups in multiple sectors, such as bio, hardware, software, and media. We consider ourselves the “next innovation partner” to our portfolio companies, and strive to position them for global success. We also have a strong relationship with the top technical universities in Korea, including KAIST (Korea’s equivalent to MIT/Stanford), which we have leveraged to gain access to top local technical talent. Bluepoint Partners’ CEO Yong Kwan Lee, has exited from his previous startup, Plasmart, in an M&A deal to MKS Instruments (NASDAQ: MKSI) and holds a Ph.D. in Physics from KAIST. - Major Investment Targets: Early stage startups - Major Investment Areas: Deep-Tech and Global-Focused Startups - Average Investment Size : $100,000 - $500,000 - Target Country: South Korea

Portfolio companies 
- SIJUNG : High-efficient visibility meter capable of image analysis using artificial intelligence.
- INTHERA : High-efficiency rapid vaccine manufacturing production platform using VLP(Virus-Like-Particles).
- SMARF : Smart agriculture remote software for farm irrigation facilities.
- QUAD MEDICINE : Micro-needle vaccination using intradermal injection method for pets. -
 GD SENTRON : Gas sensor capable of VOC detection through nanocatalyst particle synthesis technology.
- VREX : Location based augmented reality SNS service.
- Many more.

We have dedicated staffs to provide our portfolio companies with support across UX design, PR, legal, accounting, business development, and global expansion. Please feel free to apply to pitch! Always Happy to meet founders.