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Lotte Accelerator (Seed, South Korea) |

Event Topic: Investment Deal Sourcing
Main Language: korean
Organized by: LOTTE Accelerator |

Lotte Accelerator is Corporate Accelerator of Lotte Group. Investing in Seed stage startups.

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Lotte Accelerator (http://lotteacc.com/) aims to leverage the entire infrastructure and business of Lotte Group - retail, logistics, culture, tourism, food & beverages, chemical, and finance- to support aspiring young entrepreneurs so that their passion and ideas may develop into global companies. Moreover, Lotte Accelerator will provide a new paradigm in shared growth by partnering with government organizations and programs such as the Creative Economy Innovation Center and Entrepreneurial Incubation Center. Lotte Accelerator evaluates the potential of start-ups to make investments and shape the future together. Biannual Lotte Accelerating Program supports the young entrepreneurs to build competitiveness during the 6 months program.