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Newfund (Seed-SeriesA, France) |

Event Topic: Investment Deal Sourcing
Main Language: English
Organized by: Newfund Capital |

Early-stage cross-border entrepreneurial venture capital firm in France.

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  • VC Name: Newfund (https://newfundcap.com/en/team)
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Founding Year: 2008
  • Target Stage: Seed-Series A
  • Target Geographics: France, US and Asia
  • Target Industries: Tech based startups 

Our Strength

  • Full Commitment : Newfund is independent from all financial institutions. It was not spun off from an existing entity, and was started from scratch by its team. The team is fully committed to the success of the portfolio companies, with no interfering outside interest.
  • Business Experience : The team members have worked in diverse organisations before joining Newfund. Their cumulative experience constitutes a 'toolbox' for portfolio companies and helps in mutual understanding with entrepreneurs.
  • Power of Entrepreneurship : Newfund's investors are entrepreneurs who believe in the power of entrepreneurial dynamism, practical mindset and the absence of complacency. Most investors have already worked with Newfund team members, which builds trust and shared experiences.