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Goodwill Coins Token Address (Ethereum Network):

Total Tokens in Circulation

14,003,002,020 GOODWILL

Exchange Rate

1GOODWILL = 0.0001 ETH

Goodwill Token Minting Cap for Goodwill Economy



"Goodwill Coins help you turn your causes, visions, and ideas into crowdsourced actionable goals, then into reality" -- Richard, 2017

Goodwill Protocol provides decentralized mechanism for digitally expressing goodwill for all Goodwill Coin participants’ benefit

Goodwill Economy envisions a society with an environment of unlimited resource availability for all participants, through acceleration of resource circulation amongst the participants


  • Goodwill Economy Participant Onboarding

    1. We will list the GOODWILL Tokens on exchanges for Live Trading

    2. We will invite the participants to join in through Telegram, to create an on-going channel for building the community, and for building the Goodwill Economy with Goodwill Coins.

  • Goodwill Economy Buildup Progress Digital Showcase


    Participants jointly solve complex issues through crowd sourcing actionable solutions from invited audience, while measuring the overall build-up progress of Goodwill Economy being made by Goodwill Coins participants.

    Participants will take votes on relevant issues and causes, such as exchange rate mechanics, minting of token for participants and expansion of Smart Contract Features.


Richard Fushimi

Global Goals Advisor

Hidemi Asakura

Global Goals Advisor

Ana Liza Oliva

Global Goals Advisor

Rosalyn Dialino

Global Goals Advisor

Ratchanan Phimsak

Global Goals Advisor

Judith Allida

Global Goals Advisor

Sornsawan Swansorn

Global Goals Advisor

Evi Novitasari

Global Goals Advisor

Suphida Kajea

Global Goals Advisor


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