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"Resource Allocation Protocol helps get the resources you need, anywhere, anytime." -- Richard, 2017

Economic activities as measured in GDP largely consist of measurement of trade of resources, and associated capital flows. While free market economy looks to allocate resources using demand based production and supply, the economic disparity in various geographies make this model non-functional. The resource allocation based on money being primary driving forces in moving the resources requires that a participant have both concentrated demand and money, in order for it to be met with supply. When in fact demand and supply should always be met, with exchange intermediary metrics being a data audit trail for the purpose of resource allocation.

Resource Allocation Protocol looks to provide a decentralized protocol to streamline efficient sharing of resources through strengthened audit capabilities and decentralized tracking of material resources, throughout their entire life-cycles. Resource Allocation Protocol can be used to measure and monitor manufacturing activities, raw resource usage, their consumption and re-manufacturing.

Protocol Overview

There are 5 roles for the actors in the network:

1. Users, IoT or Devices who send and receive resource use request to and from the network
2. Resource Authenticator, responsible for token based authentication and identification of resource users
3. Reserve Network(s) providing value added data to the network
4. Resource Operators, who manage and share allocated resources (e.g. devices such as fleet of drones, or group of IoT equipments)
5. Resource Contributors that provide usable resource and allocation data to the network (e.g. IoT, Devices, manufacturers, or resource suppliers, to enable real-time data based delivery of resources based on consumption)


Applied to drones and fleet of robots, Resource Allocation Protocol can be used to measure the usage of drones, their energy consumption, and enable shared usage of fleet of drones amongst decentralized participants using pre-set rules for such sharing amongst participants.

Comparison to Existing Systems

We compare Resource Allocation Protocol to existing systems in the table below.

Free Market Economy Socialist Economy Resource Allocation Protocol
Resource Usage Audit Trail No Yes Yes
Instant Resource Allocation No No Yes
Trustless and Secure Money as a form of trust Money as a form of trust Consistent Resource Delivery as a form of trust
Resource Allocation Method Capital Flow based Allocation Social Demand based Allocation Usage based Allocation


  • Initial Product Development


    Resource Allocation Protocol consists of the following major components in its system.

    Smart contracts Resource Allocation Protocol contains several contracts, including the main contract which serves as the main entrance to the system for users, devices and resource operators. We also have different contracts to maintain the resources, and a contract token which provides secure authentication to all features that Resource Allocation Protocol supports.

    Goodwill Coin Convertible with Ethereum, Goodwill Coin provides secure authentication for Resource Users, Operators, and Contributors to create, join, allocate and use resources available in the network.

    Resource Operations Portal aids the management of the resource by displaying their performance, network stats, supporting different strategies and algorithms to make resources available or to use the resource. Resource operators interact with the network (or the Resource Allocation Protocol contract) via this portal.

    Operator dashboard Helps Resource Allocation Protocol operator manage the entire system. Operator can add and remove new resources change network parameters via this dashboard.

  • Resource Allocation Protocol Participant Onboarding

    1. We will list the GOODWILL Tokens on exchanges for Live Trading

    2. We will invite the participants to join in through Telegram, to create an on-going channel for building the community, and for building the Resource Allocation Protocol with Resource Allocation Protocol.

  • Resource Allocation Protocol Buildup Progress Digital Showcase


    Participants jointly solve complex issues through crowd sourcing actionable solutions from invited audience, while measuring the overall build-up progress of Resource Allocation Protocol being made by Resource Allocation Protocol participants.

    Participants will take votes on relevant issues and causes, such as exchange rate mechanics, minting of token for participants and expansion of Smart Contract Features.


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